10 Epic Odia Film Dialogues

  1. “Full Bobbaal”

This mega hit dialogue by Hara Patnaik in the movie Paradesi Babu became the legendary punch line for anything synonymous to excitement. Widely used when the Odia ‘tapori’ in us awakens.

hara pattnaik4


  1. “Heiti Anaani… Jyoti Mastraani”

Rai Mohan Parida in the movie Ranabhumi added that extra zing to the word ‘anani’ (to look) and sealed his place as the shrewd villain in Ollywood.



  1. “Saamnawaala strong ebe, jami jibe case;

Ethara haba fight, face to face”

Anubhav Mohanty has many dialogues to his credit. This ‘macho’ one from the movie, Most Wanted is one such case in point.



  1. “Election, election kahi mate chamkeiba nahi;

Election bi Kaka kare, selection bi Kaka kare”

One of the most versatile actors in the industry, Mihir Das in Abhimanyu pulled off one such remarkable performance while delivering this dialogue.

mihir das


  1. “Maa Raann…”

The ‘baap’ of all punch lines, Hara Patnaik immortalized these two words as the lecherous villain in Paradesi Babu.

hara pattnaik3


  1. “To baata kie bandh karichi lo paara… Tu taa nije gote baata”

Sriram Panda in Swapna Sagara is all about the advent of memorable dialogues in Odia cinema.

Shri Ram Panda


  1. “Chakmaachurr…”

More words from the ultimate bad man of Ollywood, Hara Pattnaik. The movie: Arjun

hara pattnaik


  1. “Manaa karuchi. Mo saange laagena, laagena.

Mo kathaa sunilaani. Naama ne!”

The dashing Arindam in a ‘don’t-mess-with-me’ mode in Raja Jhia Saange Heigala Bhaaba.



  1. “Emiti maaribi…

Jaagaa dekhi maaribi, aau solid maaribi”

Sabyasachi in Mu Sapanara Saudagara: Power-packed, aggressive and manly!



  1. “Mu naayaka thu tike adhikaa, khalanaayaka thu tike kam”

True to his words, the most iconic baddie in Ollywood, Hara Pattnaik in Suna Sansara.

hara pattnaik2



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