5 hidden tips and tricks in Samsung Galaxy Note20 series

New Delhi: While much has been written about Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra 5G which are packed with meaningful innovations, there is still more to discover about the most powerful Note series with these 5 hidden tips and tricks.

The Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra’s camera introduces an improved Single Take experience.

“The AI-powered feature now allows you to capture up to 14 types of photos and videos simultaneously within five to 15 seconds of capture time,” the company said in a statement

To use the feature, open the Camera app and tap Single Take mode from the menu options.

Set your capture time by tapping the timer above the camera menu and sliding the timer bar to your desired setting.

Then, tap the shutter button, pan around, and the camera will automatically capture the best clips.

After finishing, tap the preview thumbnail and you will see optimized results for the scene you captured.

The second cool feature is sharing Wi-Fi with friends.

“We’ve all felt the frustration of repeatedly sharing the Wi-Fi password when having guests over. The Galaxy Note20 series removes that pain by allowing you to request Wi-Fi access information from near-field devices with people in your Contacts,” Samsung said.

Your friends can then share the password with you, making it easy to log in to new Wi-Fi networks.

When connecting to Wi-Fi in public spaces, the Galaxy Note20 series also makes it easy to find the fastest and most stable signal.

When searching for Wi-Fi, the Galaxy Note20 series provides information about the login requirements and quality of the connection below the name of the network, so you can easily find the most stable, secure connection every time.

The Galaxy Note20 series makes sharing your latest favourite song easy with an upgraded Music Share’ experience.

While previously the feature only allowed music to be played on devices connected to a shared friend’s phone, on the Galaxy Note20 series, one can listen to the Buds connected to the phone and the Galaxy Buds connected to your friend’s phone.

Simply turn on Music Share, select your friend’s Buds, and both Buds will play the same music.

The Galaxy Note20 series also gives you more control over your video watching experience with Bixby voice control.

“If you missed a scene or want to skip ahead, voice control makes it easy by giving you the power to rewind, fast forward, pause, and play content. Voice control can also help you search for something to watch by telling Bixby to play the title of your favorite show,” Samsung said.


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