66% of middle-income group expected more from Budget

New Delhi: The middle-income group expected more from this years Union Budget with 66 per cent expressing this opinion, as per the IANS C Voter Budget Snap Poll 2021.

To a question on being the middle class did you expect more from the budget, 66 per cent of the middle-income group said they expected more.

On the other hand, the high-income group is most dissatisfied with the Budget presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Monday. 52.8 per cent of respondents of this segment said no to a question on whether the Budget presented by the Finance Minister met your expectations.

Interestingly, the low-income group is most concerned with the burgeoning fiscal deficit. 60.5 per cent said that it is a big concern that the country’s fiscal deficit stands at 9.5%.

A slim majority of 41.9 per cent said the Budget presented by the Finance Minister has not met their expectations while 40.8 per cent said it has met their expectations.

A majority of 44.2 per cent are disappointed that there has been no change in the income tax slab while 40.7 per cent said they are not disappointed.

The message that has gone out is that more announcements have been made for the election-bound states with 46.4 per cent respondents saying yes and 36.4 per cent answering in the negative.

Almost two thirds agree that through this budget, the government has tried to give a message that health is of utmost importance. 62.5 per cent agreed with this proposition while only 24.7 per cent said no.

The majority does not feel that this budget indicates that the treasury of the government is empty with 44.2 per cent saying so but the worrying number is that a high percentage at 42.2 per cent thinks the treasury is empty.


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