7 put to death for watching or sharing K-pop videos in North Korea: Report

Pyongyang/Bhubaneswar: At least seven people were executed in North Korea for watching or distributing K-pop videos, claims a report by a human rights group based in Seoul.

The report further states that a new law in the Kim Jong Un-ruled country includes long prison sentences and even death for North Koreans caught distributing or importing foreign content.

The North Korean state has not revealed the full text of the newly introduced ‘anti-reactionary thought law’ yet.

According to North Korean state media, the country will ‘crumble’ if foreign influence is allowed to burgeon among its citizens.

“Just like those of his father and grandfather, Kim Jong Un’s rule is based on brutality, fear, and repression, instigating systematic rights violations, economic hardship, and possible famine,” US-based Human Rights Watch’s senior Korea researcher Lina Yoon said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un on Friday attended a memorial event for his father Kim Jong-il on the latter’s 10th death anniversary, Pyongyang’s state media reported.

It took place at the square of the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, the mausoleum commemorating the North’s former leaders, in Pyongyang, Yonhap News Agency quoted North’s state TV as saying.

Kim Jong-il died on December 17, 2011, after having ruled the reclusive regime since the death of his father and national founder, Kim Il-sung, in 1994.

Kim Jong-un, the third son of the late leader, took over the helm of the North in another hereditary succession of power.

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