9 in 10 Indians believe hybrid job improves work-life balance

New Delhi: More than 9 in 10 (92 per cent) Indian employees believe that a hybrid work environment improves work-life balance and over 7 in 10 (72 per cent) say that the hybrid work model is more productive, a report showed on Tuesday.

About 88 per cent said hybrid work is increasing employee retention. However, employees need better technological tools to thrive in the hybrid working model, according to global study by PC and printer major HP.

Most employees are unwilling to go back to the office full-time as they are relishing the hybrid work model, which became a necessity in the last two years due to the pandemic.

“Organisations need to re-evaluate a hybrid workplace culture that offers flexibility and work-life balance while encouraging inclusivity, engagement, and a sense of well-being among employees. Most importantly, monitor employee satisfaction to boost productivity at large,” said Ketan Patel, Managing Director, HP India Market.

Employers too have something to cheer about as Indian employees indicate a higher probability of staying in their current job if given a hybrid work option.

“The hybrid model is seen to amplify employees’ chance to prioritise personal well-being. Most of the respondents prefer working from office for two-three days a week,” the findings showed.

About 51 per cent of respondents said that laptops help them carry out tasks more productively and 43 per cent agreed that they have a more enhanced collaborative process through laptops.

According to the report, firms must provide access to better tools while conducting adequate training, to further boost productivity.

“Additionally, promoting a culture of trust within the workplace leads to inclusivity in a hybrid work environment,” it added.

In India, 30 per cent of the respondents said that internet connection is one of the major disruptions.


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