AAP will fill the political vacuum in Odisha, says Anand Kumar

Reported by Chinmaya Dehury
Bhubaneswar, Jan 28:

Claiming to have successfully enrolled two lakh people as members in the state so far, the national executive member of Aam Admi Party (AAP) and JNU professor Anand Kumar today said the party will fill the political vacuum created by the two inefficient and weak opposition parties in the state and unseat the incumbent Naveen Patnaik government, which is neck deep in corruption.

Prof Anand Kumar, AAP leader
Prof Anand Kumar, AAP leader

“The opposition parties Congress and BJP have completely failed to effectively raise various issues including the mining scam in the state. While Congress is not raising the issue because the UPA is also involved in the scam, the BJP in Bhubaneswar was an ally of BJD till 2009. So, we will fill the political vacuum and challenge the BJD government,” said Kumar at a press conference here.

Kumar, however, said that the party leadership will decide on number of candidates to be fielded in the elections in Odisha after due consultation with the state leaders. We will decide on the number of Assembly seats to be contested after consulting with our leadership. But at first, we have to look at the number of Lok Sabha seats that we can contest and win and come out as the third largest party in the country.” said the AAP leader adding that his party will support deserving and clean candidate in those Assembly seats, where the party would not be able to field it’s own candidates.

To a question on who will be Aravind Kejriwal in Odisha to pose as an alternative to Naveen Patnaik, he said, “The party has lakhs of Kejriwals in Odisha. Unfortunately, it will not be an even match because unlike our Odia Kejriwals, Naveen Patnaik can’t speak Odia!”

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