Actress pulls off stunt for entry on TV show

Mumbai, Aug 16 :

Actress Aneri Vajani will be seen making a heroic entry on forthcoming show “Nisha Aur Uske Cousins”, which will go on air Star Plus Monday.

Aneri Vajani
Aneri Vajani

She climbed an old fort in Jaipur for her entry to justify her character in the show.

Aneri plays the protagonist Nisha, a tomboy.

“Breaking the usual stereotype of actress’ elegant entries, Nisha sure has a lot of surprising elements in her upcoming show,” said a source from the show’s team.

The show, “Nisha Aur Uske Cousins”, explores the bond between cousins.

Targeted at the youth, the show captures the differences of opinion and friction caused by the generation gap between the elders of the family and the youngsters, especially when it comes to topics like careers, relationships, lifestyle and fashion choices.

Its story is based in a joint-family set up in Jaipur, and it will feature a bunch of relatable characters like a shy romantic geeky cousin, a beautiful attention seeking cousin or the cousin who is the natural leader and who everyone looks up to.


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