Air India accused of negligence after passenger’s pet cat goes missing at Delhi airport

New Delhi: An Air India passenger has accused the flag carrier of negligence after one of her pet cats went missing at the Delhi airport.

The incident occured on Wednesday and the passenger was on board flight AI 889 from Delhi to Imphal.

A Twitter user named Sony S. Somar shared the story of his friend’s loss, demanding action for the alleged mishandling of pets.

“My friend’s pet is missing due to negligence by @airindiain staff. This is a heart-wrenching tragedy and your negligence is inexcusable. You must take responsibility for your actions and make things right immediately,” he tweeted.

The passenger, Jangneichong Karong, in an email to Air India wrote that she was told to either reschedule her flight or upgrade to business class to take her pet cats along to the cabin.

However, business class was unavailable, and her only choice was to transport the cats via the cargo hold.

After securing the cat carriers with the assistance of Air India staff, she overheard chatter about some pets being “on hold” and later learned that one of her cats had escaped.

In the email, the passenger said that she was heartbroken and in complete shock that one of her cats went missing.

She believed that Air India staff members were not careful with the cat carriers as the latch felt loose when she arrived in Imphal, and she was not sure who played with it resulting in the loss of her pet.

She demanded that airline officials help her reunite with her lost pet or face necessary action.

“I got a call to extend their apologies, but it’s not the apologies that I need now, but my kitten to be reunited with her brother. Makes me question how actively they are searching. Do u have cctv at all @airindia kitten not train med to fast will not stay hungry for 3 days,” she said in a tweet on April 26.


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