Air India crew grounded by DGCA for ‘in-flight hospitality’ fiasco

New Delhi: India’s aviation regulator, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has ordered Air India to de-roster its entire crew following an incident on a Dubai-Delhi flight on February 27.

In the incident, the pilot allegedly had entertained a female friend, who had entered in the cockpit, which violates DGCA safety norms.

A cabin crew member had filed a complaint with DGCA, prompting an investigation.

While the cabin crew member seems to have no role in the incident, the entire crew has been derostered pending investigations, said an official.

“The pilot involved will also be given an opportunity to present their case, and will remain grounded until a final decision is made by the regulator,” the official added.

A senior DGCA official had stated that the act is unacceptable and could have put the passengers’ safety at risk.

Air India had also released a statement saying that they have taken note of the reported incident and investigations are underway.

“The airline has a zero-tolerance policy regarding passenger safety and well-being and will take requisite action. The matter has also been reported to the DGCA, and Air India is cooperating with their investigation,” it said.


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