‘Airgasm’: New word added to COVID dictionary

Bhubaneswar: To a series of new terms like covidiots, lockdown, buffer and containment zones that COVID-19 pandemic contributed to the world’s vocabulary, ‘airgasm’ is the latest entry.

The word is related to use of face masks which have been mandated in the current COVID-19 pandemic to beat further spread of the lethal infection.

The ticklish and exhausting feeling that one has to bear all day behind face masks and the sigh of relief that they heave the moment they take them off- that’s called an ‘airgasm.’

Urban Dictionary has defined ‘airgasm’ as “When you take your mask off and you take your first breath of fresh air and you can actually breathe.”   The term has been widely accepted by netizens and is now all over social media platforms including Twitter.

Here’s a peek:

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