Allu Arjun’s return from vacation celebrated with ‘Pushpa-themed’ party

Hyderabad: Allu Arjun’s return from his 16-day-vacation was celebrated by his family members and the ‘Pushpa’ team in the most unique way possible. It was a ‘Pushpa’-themed party and it was organised in Allu Arjun’s office here.

As ‘Pushpa’ portrays Allu Arjun in the role of a sandalwood smuggler, the team had arranged logs of wood, axes, machetes and other implements in sync with the movie’s theme.

A cake decorated with interesting posters from Allu Arjun’s pan-India blockbuster stood as one of the highlights of the party. On the cake were written the words, ‘Taggedhe Le’ (‘Jhukega Nahi’ in Hindi), the movie’s famous punchline.

The actor was so overwhelmed by the love showered on him that he shared details of the celebrations on his social media profiles.

At the actor’s home, his daughter Allu Arha had set up special flower arrangements in his honour. Arranging flowers on the floor, Arha put up a sign saying ‘Welcome Nana’ in Telugu, which means ‘Welcome Daddy’.

Seeing the huge success of ‘Pushpa’, top producers and star directors are said to be in touch with Allu Arjun for their upcoming movie ventures. For the moment, though, Allu Arjun has committed himself to first wrapping up ‘Pushpa 2: The Rule’.

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