Top Wedding photographers of Bhubaneswar

Lately with the boom in the number of wedding photographers in Bhubaneswar, it is pretty overwhelming to find one who is the best amongst the rest. But these shutterbugs know exactly the craft behind creating beautiful wedding photographs which truthfully captures the story of a wedding day making the couple and this auspicious day look like it’s absolutely the best!


Wedding pictures are truly a luxury. Fortunately with a right wedding photographer, you can gorgeously preserve the entire event’s happenings alongwith the fun, emotions, tears and goodbyes-Forever!

With the wedding season almost in, we have made a compilation of the most cherishable images and the people behind who have sincerely stuck themselves to the perfect wedding essence.

  • Seated in an eternal moment, here’s a rear view of the bride tilting a little towards her beloved. With the plush and smoky backdrop, this picture suggests brilliance!
  • Surya Narayan Mishra’s wedding photography is imaginative, intimate and authentic. Even here, with the nuptial ceremony being at its peak, he has managed to pull off the moment in such a flashy way. Wanting to be the one who captures mystical wedding moments, Surya has within 3.5 years covered 83 marriages. His passion drove him to co-found RS Wedding Bells which recently completed its 3 years of spreading love. If you want someone who would not miss out on any of your sacred second, then he’s the one with his #ForeverNikon !!Reach at: [email protected]  | 9438100799
photo courtesy : Surya (RS Wedding Bells)
photo courtesy : Surya (RS Wedding Bells)
  • The dearest ones eloquently placing the bride’s beautiful hand in the groom’s while culminating a divine Bengali ritual. Touching click!

Comprised of elaborate rituals, a Bengali wedding is one with mesmerising ceremonies. Sabyasachi Jana knows the precise technique to magically portray a precious ritual. Even here, with so much of hustle in the traditional Hatha Ganthi moment, Sabya has delivered a clean shot. A travel worm cum self-taught wedding photographer, his composed wedding clicks is dramatically lit. Having completed his 2 years in this arena, Sabya is always instilled with the same adrenaline rush the way he had in his first wedding photo-shoot. Travel on your wedding diaries with Sabya and explore the most memorable!

Reach at: [email protected]  | 9853412721

photo courtesy : Sabyasachi Jana
photo courtesy : Sabyasachi Jana

 This capture is anything but exotic with the perfect blend of nature and delightful elements. Needless to mention the pose screams of ultimate poise!

With pre-wedding photo shoots in vogue, this one clicked by Sunnil Kalinndi will make you treasure not just the surroundings but also sweep you off by the way it’s snapped. Sunil had to practically climb a tree to behold this merry moment. Besides being an adept in wandering around tourist spots of Odisha for pre-wed shots, he excels in capturing candid marriage pictures as well. It has been 4 years already since he incepted Kalinndi and he now has a solitary goal to create fun and artistic wedding. Bring creativity to your big day by booking him right away!

Reach at: [email protected] | 9861078600

Photo Courtesy: Sunil Kalinndi
Photo Courtesy: Sunil Kalinndi
  • With the bride smiling cheerfully, the timing of this picture is priceless. What makes it complete is the man admiring her lady in every way. Certainly a filmy feel!

The ever enthusiastic Abhilipsa Mohanty knows exactly how to document humour, joy and excitement of a bride and groom’s dreamlike moments. The use of great lighting technique and a dramatic angle has made this click beautiful and fun. Sincere about photography, she enrolled herself in photography club to further enhance her skills. For Abhilipsa, founder of Isabella Illusion, shooting a wedding gives her immense joy and her friends say she is obsessed with photography. She is the one to look-out for if you need a series of striking wedding images which are more than just an illusion!

Reach at: [email protected] | 8984128697

Photo Courtesy: Abhilipsa Mohanty
Photo Courtesy: Abhilipsa Mohanty
  • The ever happy bride with her bridesmaids simply portrays bliss from all sides. Such a visionary photographer!

Twinkle Pattnaik loves clicking people and interacting with a whole new family altogether. It is clearly depicted in this heavenly picture where she has brought all the happy ones in a single frame. Twinkle picked up the basics of photography from her father and now she is the proud co-owner of The Ricelight Project. Although clicking brides are her most favourite part, she never misses a chance to make everything else look perfectly romantic. Now you know where to go for picturing a marriage in paradise!

Reach at: [email protected]  |  9938879355

Photo Courtesy: Twinkle Pattnaik
Photo Courtesy: Twinkle Pattnaik


Kudos to the photographers!


By: Nidhi Lohia



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