App to alert parents about kids’ bad driving

New York, Feb 8:

Since car accidents are a major cause of death among teenagers, researchers at University of Minnesota have come up with a new smartphone app to keep a tab on their driving behaviour.

i phone appsThrough the Teen Driver Support System (TDSS), parents can keep a close watch on teenagers who are behind the wheels.

As the TDSS is programmed in a cell phone, it is capable of providing near real-time feedback to parents about a teenager’s driving behaviour.

Thus, if a teenager receives feedback that he or she is over speeding but fails to reduce the vehicle’s speed, the app will text message the teenager’s parents to inform them of the speeding behaviour.

“It is sort of win-win for the teenager and the parent. The parent can help their teen be safer on the road, the teen can get that valuable driving experience that they need,” Janet Creaser, researcher at the University of Minnesota, was quoted as saying in media reports.

The app also gives teenagers both visual and auditory warnings and gives them a chance to correct their behaviour before sending a text message to their parents. (IANS)

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