Beat the heat in Odisha with these traditional summer drinks

Bhubaneswar: Odisha is bracing for tough days if the current trend of weather bulletin is anything to go by. Unprecedented, some parts of the coastal state are already experiencing hotter days giving rise to speculation that spring will give a miss this year.

Though there are over-the-counter drinks available to quench your thirst, Odisha Sun Times has compiled a list of homemade traditional cool drinks that will not only rehydrate you but also help get over sultry conditions.

These Odia traditional cool drinks are easily available, can be prepared at home and are absolutely healthy to beat the heat this summer! We take us through the handpicked ones you can not afford to ignore.

Palua People in southern parts of Odisha, prepare this healthy drink with palua (arrowroot), which is known for its cooling properties. Palua is mixed with sugar/jaggery/mishri, curd and cardamom which finally results in a tasty, healthy drink. This drink is preferably consumed in the morning on an empty stomach.

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LassiLassi is a drink popular across the country, but the Odia version gives it a tastier twist. Skimmed yoghurt is garnished with grated coconut, cashew, sweetened milk/ khoa/rabidi making it a delicious satiating drink to get through the unbearable heat. You can find various shops selling lassi at all times, in Odisha capital.

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Bela pana: Bela (wood apple), a summer fruit with medicinal benefits, is said to be useful for people suffering from gastritis, hyperacidity and dyspepsia. Bela pulp is mashed, mixed with chhena, black pepper and is ready to drink. Easy to prepare, this drink works best in summers.

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Amba Pana– Summer brings us the king of fruits – mango, which is an all-time favourite. Raw mangoes or ripe mangoes, they will always have us smack our lips. Raw mangoes are used to prepare a refreshing drink- amba pana– which is boiled, mashed and mixed with salt and black pepper. Ripe mangoes also make for sweet refreshing drinks, when mixed with milk or yoghurt.

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Mandia Peja- Slightly similar to Palua, mandia peja (Ragi porridge) is the summer drink of different tribes in Odisha. Ragi powder and stale water of boiled rice is mixed and kept in a covered container for a couple of days, which ends up in a healthy drink to keep your stomach cool when the heat wave hits the state.

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Pudina sharbat– Mint is an important ingredient in almost all summer drinks. It gives an instant feeling of refreshment. Mint, ginger and green chilly is blended to which yoghurt, water and salt are added. Drink it with ice cubes and lime juice to get through the hot afternoons.

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Landa Baguli sharbat– Landa baguli/sabza are seeds of sweet basil plants in India with magical health benefits. The seeds are soaked in whipped sugar and curd and served by adding chilled water to it.

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Khajuri Mishri sharbat- Khajuri mishri, or crystallized date palm sugar, available in general store, is dissolved in water with lime juice for khajuri mishri sharbat that leaves your tongue lingering for more. Sabza seeds and ice cubes are often used to garnish the drink. Date palm sugar is good for diabetic patients and helps control blood pressure.

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Tanka Torani– Last but not the least, is tanka torani, the popular drink available in Jagannath temple of Puri. Served in earthen pots, it is mixture of rice-water with green chilly, lemon leaves, curry leaves and salt. This drink is a must no matter what the season.

This summer, freshen yourself up with these traditional cool drinks of Odisha!

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