Beautiful women provided ‘palanka seva’ to Sarathi Baba!

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Aug 11:

Startling revelations about the lavish, sinful life that condemned Odisha godman Sarati Baba led for years are coming to the fore with each passing day. The latest such revelation is that the Baba had engaged beautiful women for his palanka seva (bed service).

Palank of Sarathi BabaThe investigation has revealed that the pahuda lagi (sleeping ritual) of the Baba was scheduled at 11 PM everyday. As the Baba slept on the Ananta Naga Palanka (wooden bed crafted in the shape of a cobra), young and beautiful women offered him palanka seva while others performed Devadasi dance. The women for the palanka seva were handpicked by the Baba and took turns in offering this special seva.

This unique ritual of the Baba used to take place in an exclusive two-storey building behind the Shrimad Sarathi temple inside the ashram premises. The building has two bedrooms – one each on the ground and first floor.

While only the closest aides and women servitors were allowed to enter the bedroom on the ground floor, special invitees had access to the bedroom on the first floor where the pahuda lagi of the Baba was held, reliable sources said.

Prior to the pahuda lagi, 3-4 beautiful women would stand in front of the bedroom for his palanka seva. They would change their dress and wear new sarees given by the ashram. After the Baba entered the bedroom, these women would follow him with chamara in their hands.

The number of women who remained inside the bedroom was decided by the Baba. Even women from outside the state were also engaged in the palanka seva of the Baba.

Soft traditional music was played inside the bedroom at the time of the palanka seva of the Baba. While two women performed Devdasi dance, other women used to perform the chamara seva.

The Baba, at times, video recorded the Devdasi dance.

These women usually came out of the bedroom of the Baba at about 4 AM and left for their homes either in their own vehicles or dropped home in ashram vehicles.

(Courtesy: Prameya)

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