Bhubaneswar: Commissionerate Police asks cops to maintain fitness, issues instructions

Bhubaneswar: The Twin City Commissionerate Police today directed the cops of UPD Bhubaneswar to maintain physical fitness and issued a set of instructions in this regard.

“Physical health and fitness are vitally important to every law enforcement department. Besides, as a police person, there is a higher risk of physical and mental health related issues due to the nature of hectic duty schedules. A healthy lifestyle allows one to live a full life with meaning and purpose,” the Commissionerate Police said in an official order.

The fitness-related instructions have been issued for the ‘wellbeing’ of all the police personnel of UPD Bhubaneswar, who are attached with APR, DPO, CP Headquarters, Team 60 and OSAP mobilized forces.

Below are the instructions:

  1. To attend regular morning PT, Fitness and Cleanliness of their respective campus at 6am and evening 4pm as per convenience of duty.
  2. Attendance will be taken, and it should not be less than 80% in a monthly average.
  3. Weight targets would be given and it will be regularly monitored.
  4. Physical improvement (weight target) records should be recorded every fortnight.
  5. Defaulters will be put up in an orderly room.
  6. Stress would be given to contain the use of Tobacco products and Alcohol.
  7. Emphasis on smart look in Uniform and work actively.
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