Bhubaneswar lockdown: Vehicle passes to be allotted online

Bhubaneswar: An online platform will be launched by tomorrow for issuance of vehicle passes to emergency workers and people having urgent work in the city during the lockdown for coronavirus outbreak, informed Twin City Commissioner of Police Sudhanshu Sarangi today.

“We will introduce an IT Platform by tomorrow to automate the process of issue of vehicle passes,” he said.

Process for issuing vehicle passes to emergency workers has been put on hold as they can use their ID cards for the purpose. This has been done to avoid congregation of people and maintain social distance.

“We are cancelling process of issuing passes to emergency workers as too many people are congregating and social distance cannot be maintained,” the police officer said.

Those who need to travel due to medical or other emergencies will be allowed if there is a patient or medical paper.

“For citizens who need to travel because of medical or other emergencies are being allowed to move around if there is a patient or medical papers. Don’t panic and congregate near Police Offices. No passes are being issued to anyone. Show your medical papers. That’s enough,” he added

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