Bhubaneswar railway station a Swacha Art gallery

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Apr 9:

Railway stations all over the country is adopting the Swachaa  Bharat theme and becoming beautiful day by day with lovely art pieces being painted on the walls, ceilings, dust bins etc. Bhubaneswar railway station has excelled itself with jaw- dropping neatness while grabbing eye-balls with amazing art works .

In the first phase school children painted the exterior of Platform No- 6 in October last year on the theme of Swachhata. In the 2nd phase, artists painted the interior wall on Platform No-6 on the theme “Gateway to Odisha” in which the 30 districts were represented through iconic images significant to each district. The idea was that when people arrive in Odisha and get down at the station, they would get a visual delight and be introduced to the beauty and aesthetic diversity of Odisha.

Photo courtesy: bakul foundation
Photo courtesy: Bakul foundation

Artists have taken Odia concepts and inspirations from everyday life and created beautiful wall arts inside the platform . In rural villages of Odisha the hand fan known as a binchana is commonly used, and this simple act is etched on the station walls in bright poster colours.

The 3rd phase of the transformation of Bhubaneswar Railway Station into an ART STATION by Bakul Foundation and East Coast Railways brought forth some new addition to the arty station. The theme taken was the “Human Train ” representing a train leaving Odisha. The walls are filled with scenes of the railway station and the activities inside the train are visually captured .

Photo courtesy: Bakul foundation

Photo courtesy: Bakul foundation

Photo courtesy: Bakul foundation
Photo courtesy: Bakul foundation

The wall of the “Human Train” breaks gender stereotypes by having a woman train driver in the mural. Modern, traditional and contemporary arts are showcased by artists and these paintings have been coloured using the poster and enamel colours.




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