Bidita Bag regrets not enjoying college life

Mumbai, Nov 25:

Past Is Present” actress Bidita Bag says she was so career-oriented and busy with her life as a model that she could never enjoy the fun moments in college.

“Today I feel I have made it big as a model but somewhere deep down I regret that I couldn’t live my college life to the fullest and couldn’t enjoy it,” Bidita said during a visit to a college recently.

Bidita studied at Jadavpur University in Kolkata but got involved with modeling assignments quite early. She would often go for her assignments straight from college, and kept busy throughout the day.

“India’s best bands would perform at my college but I couldn’t ever witness that. Neither did I act in plays… but strangely I’m an actress today. And I also missed an important part of every girl’s life – college romances,” she quipped.

Having accomplished significant success as a model in the fashion world, as an advertisement model for some brands, and now as a talented actress in Bengali and Hindi films, Bidita’s message for students is: “There is stress during college to set up our base for our career.

“We always live in the future, but we need to start living in the present. You need to make your college life interesting and enjoy it fully. This time will never come back, so enjoy it so much that you don’t have to regret it later on like I am now.”(IANS)

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