BJD changes candidate for Rajnagar Assembly seat

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Mar 26:

In a surprise move, not unusual for the Biju Janata Dal supremo Naveen Patnaik, the candidate for the Rajnagar Assembly seat has been replaced.

The party today changed its candidate for the Rajnagar Assembly seat in Kendrapara district and decided to field Dhruba Sahu in place of Alekh Jena.

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  1. smita says

    The worst decision made by our chief minister. Don’t understand why he changed it his own decision or the pressure of the party.the last election nobody can forget the way Mr Alekh Jena won.
    It was pride for bJD.The person who was totally dedicated to rajnagar, it is just a big injustice.

  2. Janmejaya Pradhan says

    Very good decision by Naveen Patnaik. Great field arranged to defeat opposition.

  3. soumya ranjan jena says

    good decision. otherwise lost rajnagar assembly. People of this assembly are against Mr. Alekha Jena. My own friend jumped to congress due to previous decision of Shri Naveen pattnaik. Thanks Naveen Babu for rethink about Rajnagar assembly.

  4. suvendu says

    Very good decision by mr naveen pattnaik.

    1. R.K Pradhan says

      A supporter is always blind, but it is 2014, watch the movie RAJNEET. Study the heart of the heart of any people, will say NO !” DECISION IS quite WRONG”

  5. R.K Pradhan says

    It was a very worst decision of the Party. It proves the Party’s stability. It proves the poor management in BJD. Alekh Jena & Dhruba Sahoo both are from BJD. Alekh Jena was an active worker and working tremendously with full heartedly from last 5 year and could win the hearts of people. A sudden change made all BJD supporter stunned. Now it is very clear BJD lost the Seat. 100% sympathy Vote to Mr. Mohanty against Mr. Dhruba. It was a bad mistake. PAPU PUMPUM is a comedian not a politician,

  6. Payal says

    Mistake is Mistake once done , Damaged. It can’t recover by “SORRY”. BJD did this at RAJNAGAR. and 100% lost. Dhruba Sahoo is a dedicated worker of BJD, we like him very much, but BJD high Command’s decision at this stage made harm to Dhruba sahoo.

  7. Sabyasachi Mohanty says

    Hi. The decision is good or bad we will come to know after the election. Rajnagar- Pattamundai constituency needs a strong political leader after the demise of Mr Nalinikanta Mohanty. so may be this is the time to test who is upto the mark. There are three candidates I think Alekh Jena, Dhruba Sahu and Kurtibas Patra. Kurtibas Patra is outdated and may be Alekh Jena failed to deliver. lets give someone else the chance to do something…..

  8. dev says


  9. Debaraj Mohanty says

    Dhruba stands unparrallel and unmatched candidate who has given his productive years to the cause of party and masses of rajnagar assembly segment.Good decision to field him to catch Anshuman out in this election.

  10. ranjan says

    very good decision. bjd supremo naveen patnaik.

  11. stallion says

    i guess alekh prasad would have been good candidate

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