Breakup blues? Read how Odisha youth cope with it

Bhubaneswar: Ye Ishq Nahi Aasan Itna Samajh Lijiye, Ek Aag Ka Darya Hai, Aur Doob Ke Jaana Hai. This famous couplet by Mirza Ghalib rings in the mind of cupid-struck unswerving individuals till they hit rock bottom of the once rosy affair.

Heartbreaks are often difficult to deal with, be it at 16 or 60. There are tears, a lot of pining, random decisions and nothing makes sense. While some move on in a jiffy, for others, it is a never-ending dark tunnel to recovery.

Odisha Sun Times spoke to a few people who have suggested a to-do list to help you cope with it:

Blocking spree

From barring incoming calls to social media, WhatsApp, chatting apps and everywhere else in between, it helps not to stay in touch with your former flame. Whoever said that out of sight is out of mind, definitely knew what they were talking about.

Trip to the salon

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Haircut, highlights, manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, and the entire gamut of services that a salon/spa provides is at your disposal. Get a new look, relax and be ready to woo the next prospect who crosses your path. “If you are looking at an extreme makeover, you can also try inking a tattoo or doing a piercing to actually deviate your mind from the emotional upheaval to the physical one,” said Hitesh Das, an engineering student.

Revamp yourself

Shop till you drop and overhaul your wardrobe. Hit the gym and get your mojo back. “Develop a new hobby or take the cooking/dancing/pottery class you always wanted to. It actually helped me a lot,” said 24-year-old Swetalina Sahu. Invest in yourself for a better and upgraded ‘you’. Strut with confidence and kill all with your panache!

Prodigal return to khattis

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“Getting over a breakup requires team work. And for that, one needs the besties around,” said Kushal Choudhury. So boys who forgot their friends, please return to the khatti (Odia term for evening hang out with friends) and girls rejoin your Sisters-Before-Misters/Aao-Behen-Chugli-Karein WhatsApp group for all the gossip sessions. Those dead hour conference calls and sleepovers will not only help you vent but also present you with a repository of innovative ideas on the future course of action.

Go trippin’

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It sometimes pays to do a vanishing act. Pack your bags for an all-boys road trip you always made excuses to avoid while in a relationship, the all-girls adventure trip you probably had never planned for, the solo trip you were averse to. “Travelling gives you perspective. Bounce back with a transformed you and start all over again,” said Sristi Pattanaik, a travel enthusiast.


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You can run a marathon, but more importantly you can have a movies marathon; from Star Wars to Gangs of Wasseypur, from Princess Diaries to Sex and The City. “I made Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, etc. my new best friends and watched all the shows I missed during the courtship,” said Samiran Mohanty, a young entrepreneur.

Laugh hard at the jokes, cry like a baby during the senti scenes and derive meaning from all kinds of pearls of wisdom that digital entertainment can provide.

Some turn to intoxicants without realising the pitfalls. Some even attempt self-inflicting injury as an act of remorse/out of frustration. We urge our readers not to indulge in self-damaging ways of finding solace amid all the madness.

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