Bride cancels wedding after sixth ‘phera’, says she does not like the groom

Mahoba (UP): A bride in Uttar Pradesh’s Mahoba called off her marriage after taking six rounds of the sacred fire.

As per the Hindu tradition, seven ‘pheras’ or rounds are taken around the fire by the bride and the groom together to complete the marriage rituals.

According to reports, in an incident that took place in a village in Kulpahad tehsil, a bride completed six rounds of the sacred fire and then announced that she was calling off the marriage.

Both the bride and groom’s friends and relatives tried their best to convince her for marriage but she refused to change her decision.

In fact, the matter got so serious that the panchayat was called in the middle of the night to intervene in the matter.

The bride, however, held her ground and the groom and his relatives had no option but to go back.

When the bride was asked as to why she was not interested in marrying the man, she replied saying that she does not like him.

The groom’s father said that if the bride was not willing to marry then why did she participate in other rituals of the wedding like the exchange of garlands.

Earlier, sources, said, all rituals had taken place smoothly.

No sign of any tension or argument was reported on the day of the wedding as all attendees were seen in a happy mood.


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