Captured Russian soldiers fear they will be killed if they return home

New Delhi: Russian soldiers captured by Ukrainian forces have said that they are afraid of death by firing squad if they are returned home, Daily Mail reported.

Speaking at a press conference in Kiev, a soldier from the 2nd Motor Rifle Division said he fears being killed when he is returned to Russia, reported the Daily Telegraph.

“In Russia, we are already considered dead,” said one of the captured soldiers, adding: “I was given the opportunity to call my parents and they told me that a funeral for me had already been arranged. If we are exchanged, then we will be shot by our own people.”

Another captured Russian soldier described how he was shot at by his fellow troops when they tried to protect Ukrainian civilians, Daily Mail reported.

His comrade, a lieutenant, was killed by his own side when trying to save a woman in her 20s, and her mother, after Russian soldiers were given orders to fire on civilians on February 24 in Kharkiv.

The captured soldier claimed he was shot in the foot, and the lieutenant killed, when other troops realised the pair weren’t shooting at the civilians.

Earlier, captured Russian soldiers had said the invasion of Ukraine was in ‘complete disarray’, according to voice recordings obtained by a British intelligence company.


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