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Best Earbuds under 5000 in India

Looking back at the range of audio devices we have had, It started with wired earphones that would tangle endlessly, to headphones that we loved to flaunt and pretend we were a DJ, to Bluetooth earphones that go around your neck, and now,…

Home Garden Trends To Follow In 2021

We bet you’ve often heard that “Nature has healing powers.” Well, we agree on that for sure! However, it might be a possibility in the parallel universe; it is not a very feasible option for us to travel to the Himalayas or go to a serene…

The Blue Jeans Saga

A wardrobe staple that goes along with casual day out to rugged workwear, the blue jeans are an archival piece of clothing that has stuck around for far too long. However, one might somewhat wonder if the blue denim has a cool backstory