Chandra Grahan on 8 November 2022: Phases of lunar eclipse to be visible from places in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Chandra Grahan on November 8 will be the last lunar eclipse of this year. The significant celestial event will be visible from all the states including Odisha.

The total lunar eclipse or the Blood Moon can been seen at the time of Moonrise tomorrow.

According to Positional Astronomy Centre, Kolkata; India Meteorological Department, the beginning of the partial and total phases of the lunar eclipse will not be visible from any places in India as the phenomena will be in progress before Moonrise. Ending of both total and partial phases of lunar eclipse will be visible from the eastern parts of the country. Only the ending of the partial phase will be visible from the rest parts of the country.

The eclipse will begin at 14 hr 39 min IST (2.39 pm). The total eclipse will start at 15 hr 46 min IST (3.46 pm). The ending time of totality is 17h 12m IST (5.12 pm) and the ending time of partial phase is 18h 19m IST (6.19 pm).

As per the release, Cuttack city will witness the longest lunar eclipse with 1 hour 14 minutes followed by Bhubaneswar and Puri.

Here’s the phases of lunar eclipse to be visible from certain places of Odisha on Nov 8.

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