Club One Air plans to connect 200 airports by 2020

New Delhi, April 19:

Luxury jet charter operator Club One Air on Tuesday revealed its plans to connect 200 airports in India by 2020, as part of its regional connectivity efforts.


According to the company, its regional connectivity efforts have been on the rise over the past few years.

“Our regional connectivity efforts have been rising over past few years. Presently, our jets can travel to over 100 airports/airstrips in India which is much higher compared to scheduled airlines which can travel to around 70 airports,” said Bhupesh Joshi, chief executive and director of Club One Air.

“Over the years we have achieved very high growth of connectivity in states like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, where it has grown over 80 percent, mainly over tourism and expect the similar growth in other states as well.”

The luxury jet charter operator cited that increase in regional connectivity can boost economic conditions through tourism.

“The potential of regional connectivity is immense and keeping in mind we have synced our growth plan accordingly and will induct 10 more jets by 2020 to meet the demand of regional connectivity with time. This will also help us to achieve our Rs.200 crore turnover target by 2020,” Joshi added.

Recently, the company achieved 100 percent remote connectivity in Rajasthan. At present it operates to 17 airstrips across the state which are operational and fit for jet aircraft landings and take-offs. (IANS)

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