Coats for UP cows this winter

Uttar Pradesh: Cows in Uttar Pradesh will now get special coats to save them from the winter chill.

The Animal Husbandry Department of the state has asked veterinary officers in various districts to ensure proper protection for cows in state-run cow shelters during the winter months.

Officials are now making arrangements for the cow coats that will be made of jute bags and will keep the cows warm.

The cow shelters are also being covered with thick polythene curtains or ‘tarpaulin’ so that cold winds do not enter.

Jute bags are being sewed together to make thick curtains and covers. The same jute bags will be used to make cow coats which the cows will wear to stay warm during winters. The jute bags will be provided by the district supply department.

In some districts, the gram panchayats will make cow coats and will cover the cow shelters with polythene and other material with the MGNREGA budget.

In Ayodhya, for instance, the cow shelters will also have bonfires to save cows from extreme cold.

Cow shelters have been made in rural areas to keep stray cattle where they are being taken care of and are provided fodder. The arrangements at cow shelters are under supervision of village panchayats, and caretakers are being employed for the task.

The Veterinary Department keeps a close watch on the health of cows and carries out regular medical examination and treatment of the cows.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is particularly concerned about the well-being of cows — considered sacred for Hindus-and makes regular inspection of cow shelters in the districts.


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