Congress could face heavy loss in Andhra : Survey

New Delhi, Jan 21 :

The Congress has suffered an erosion in its vote share in Andhra Pradesh and could register a heavy loss in the state if the Lok Sabha elections were held this month, said a survey released Tuesday.

The study also said the party’s tally may dip in Tamil Nadu but improve in Karnataka and Kerala.

The CNN-IBN-CSDS election tracker for Andhra Pradesh projected 5-9 seats for the party in January 2014. The Congress has 31 MPs in the state.

The survey said the YSR Congress was slated to win 11-19 seats, the Telugu Desam Party between nine and 15 and the Telangana Rashtra Samiti 4-8 seats. Others are slated to win up to four seats.

It said there was an eight percent drop in the Congress vote share across Andhra Pradesh, with 24 percent voters projected to vote for it.

In Kerala, the election tracker projected 12-18 seats for the ruling United Democratic Front led by the Congress if elections were held in January 2014.

The opposition Left Democratic Front was slated to get 2-8 seats.

The Congress has 13 MPs in Kerala and two seats are held by supporting parties.

In Tamil Nadu, the survey projected 15-23 seats for the ruling AIADMK while the opposition DMK was predicted to win 7-13 seats. Other parties were slated to get 4-10 seats.

The Congress was slated to get 1-5 seats in the state where it has eight MPs, it said.

The election tracker projected the ruling Congress getting 10-18 seats in Karnataka in January 2014 compared to nine it has at present.

The Bharatiya Janata Party, which won 18 seats in 2009 in the state, was slated to win 6-10 seats.

The survey said the Janata Dal-Secular was slated to win 4-8 seats.


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