Conspiracy to weaken Paradip port: Odisha minister

Bhubaneswar, May 31:

A conspiracy was being hatched to weaken Odisha’s state-run Paradip Port and promote a private one in neighbouring Bhadrak district, the state’s Excise Minister Damodar Rout alleged on Sunday.

Dr Damodar Rout
Dr Damodar Rout

Addressing the media, the minister said “a group of influential people sponsored by the central government” has hatched a conspiracy to ruin the Paradip Port.

Rout, the legislator from Paradip, said the port, which had received the Golden Peacock National Quality Award for 2014 and was the second among the major ports in India, was going through a bad period.

“Earlier, vessels had to wait for 9-12 days for berthing. But since the last one month, the berths are lying vacant. The situation has arisen as the vessels are being diverted to other ports,” he said.

“It shows that the traffic at Paradip port has been reduced substantially, which is a serious indicator,” the Biju Janata Dal leader added.

He said the port did not have even a regular chairman, and the chairman of the Vizag Port has been made in-charge of Paradip too.

“Aiming to spoil the port, the Centre is appointing all non-Odia officers. The chairman, deputy chairman, secretary and other top posts are held by non-Odia officers. The efficient Odia officers are transferred to other ports in the country,” he said.

He also said that around 1,200 workers engaged in manual unloading of wagons were deprived of their jobs due to introduction of mechanics.

BJP leader Bijay Mohapatra termed the allegations baseless.

“There is no question of weakening the Paradip port. The Centre is planning to strengthen the port. The Centre is planning to develop Paradip as a smart city. If Damodar Rout, being a minister, has any suggestion for development of the port, the Centre would accept it,” he said. (IANS)

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  1. Prakash Mohanty says

    What is the action plan from the Govt of Odisha behind the apparent sham going on in Paradip port? How is it possible that there has been no response from the Chief Minister with all the senseless and utterly humiliating changes being made with the top management of the Paradip port? Is Odisha a doormat in the eyes of the central govt.? May be more appropriately, the political leaders in Odisha have no backbone to challenge the center for this kind of insanity. No reasonable observer can justify the changes being reported to be happening in Paradip port administration.

  2. Rv says

    It is all the more important, the port remains competitive and the Importer and Exporter feel that the port is cost effective, compared to any other private port nearby. The Minister should encourage any such steps by the port. Increasing efficiency and in particular Competition. Did anyone thought why cargo is being imported/exported from Vizag for so many years despite Paradip being the closest port for many industries? It looks like a paid news at the behest of people with vested interest.

  3. Venkateswaran (@rv210861) says

    many closeby industries use Vizag and Dhamra. Requires introspection. #paradip

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