On-duty constables in Goa banned from using cellphones

Panaji, Sep 12 :

Goa’s police constabulary has been banned from constantly using mobile phones while on traffic and picketing duty according to newly-appointed Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sunil Garg.

NO PHONE SYMBOL_logoFCPGarg, who was on a visit to the Panaji police station Thursday where he interacted with civilians, said the ban was a result of complaints from people across sections, that police personnnel often posted on public roads were found whiling away their time speaking, messaging or browsing on their mobile phones.

“They will serve the public better (without mobile phones),” Garg said, clarifying that mobile phones could be carried on their person, only to be used in case of emergencies.

The issue of police personnel and their obsession of tinkering with their mobile phones was even raised in the state legislative assembly by several lawmakers across political lines.


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