Coronavirus: Italian man wears large disc to enforce social distancing

Bhubaneswar: An Italian man has come up with a new and interesting method for enforcing social distancing amid coronavirus outbreak in the country.

In a video, the person was spotted wearing a giant cardboard circle around the waist to distance himself from the people in a market in Rome.

The man can been seen walking in the Testaccio market in Rome and taking Italy’s strict new rules seriously. The man is also seen holding a tool commonly used for picking up the litter as he browses the market.

The Italian government has put the entire country on lockdown since March 6 as the nation’s death toll due to COVID-19 shooted up. The government also announced a string of tough measures to close its bars, restaurants, shops apart from supermarkets, food stores and pharmacies.

Italy’s death toll from COVID-19 outbreak has surpassed 1200 while 17,660 cases have been confirmed. It is the second worst-hit country in the world after China, where the outbreak sourced.

There are now almost 148,051 cases and more than 5,543 deaths related to COVID-19 outbreak across 149 countries and territories.

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