COVID-19 Lockdown: 2 Maharashtra men travel all the way to MP for tobacco; thrashed by cops

Betul: While the entire world is battling the fight against  deadly coronavirus, Indian cops have come up with unusual ways to punish COVID-19 lockdown violators.

It is seen that police across the country ask violators to do squats, sit-ups and push-ups in public as punishment for roaming on streets without valid reasons during the 21-day nationwide imposed by the Government  following coronavirus outbreak.

In one such instance, two men were made to do squats and beaten up by police personnel in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh on Monday  for stepping out to buy tobacco flouting the lockdown norms. Bizarrely, they had come all the way from Maharashtra.   As tobacco has been banned in Maharashtra, the two men hailing from Paratwada crossed the border and entered  Betul district of Madhya Pradesh to get the nicotine.

On receiving information, police reached the spot and detained the two. During interrogation, the duo confessed. Later, the cops made the rule-breakers do squats and also thrashed them black and blue.

Last month, a video went viral on social media showing lockdown violators being made to do squats holding their ears on the streets of Nagpur. The action of Maharashtra police was praised by many Twitter users.


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