Cows take over Jantar Mantar

New Delhi, Aug 8 :

Jantar Mantar – in the heart of Delhi – has been the site for people to protest, but now cows and bulls have also found a place there.

And the new entrants have made the place filthy with cowdung spread all over, creating a foul smell and making it unbearable for people to breathe.

File pic of Jantar Mantar, New Delhi
File pic of Jantar Mantar, New Delhi

The supporters of a religious leader, Gopal Das, have brought over 10 cows and bulls demanding a ban on cow slaughter.

The cows and bulls are part of the “Gauraksha Andolan” (cow protection campaign), said one of the supporters.

For over a week, the protest ground has become the home of the cows and bulls.

“We are here to protest against cow slaughter. So we have brought the cows together to voice their dissent,” a religious leader, who refused to be identified, told IANS.

However, the group might be able to achieve its demand as Prime Minister Narendra Modi during one of his election rallies attacked the Congress government for promoting slaughter of horses.

Police said the people have the permission to be present there but not their animals.

“Only the people have permission, now they have brought cows and we can’t do much about it,” a Delhi Police officer told IANS.


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