Cuddle yourself with these immunity-boosting drinks this monsoon

Bhubaneswar:  Who won’t like spending monsoon cozying up indoors and cuddling self with some warm drinks!

Seasonal flu might never have terrified people to the bone until this monsoon amid the COVID-19 mayhem.

With mandatory use of face masks, regular hand washes, and sanitization, frequent consumption of warm drinks throughout the day has been emphasized on, every now and then. And if those immunity-boosting warm sips could be tasty as well, what more could one possibly ask for!

Here are five soul-soothing warm drinks that will help your immunity recharge against the seasonal flu:


  1. Golden Milk: Popularly known as haldi wala doodh, on regular consumption, this drink is known to boost immunity, lower blood sugar, repair damaged cells in the body and enhances the person’s mood.

  1. Ginger Tea: this immunity-boosting beverage also helps reduce blood pressure and promote heart health and is the magical potion for headaches, menstrual cramps, and body ache.


  1. Almond Milk: this rich and delicious cup of drink is also known for improving gut health, watching over bone and heart health, and improving skin tone, when added to the daily diet.

  1. Rasam: a hot serving of the lip-smacking Southern delicacy helps with digestion, managing weight and enhancing skin health.

  1. Ginger-carrot soup: a wholesome bowl of warm ginger-carrot soup raises anti-oxidant levels in the body, helps with brain functions, decongests nasal cavity, apart from boosting immunity.

So, dive into the kitchen and prepare your favourite cuddle cup.

Happy Monsoon!

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