Dental entrepreneurship: Strategy from the expert

It seems that every industry eventually goes through a period of very rapid change, and this is especially true for dentistry in the last couple of years. Having said that, a new phenomenon called ‘Dental Entrepreneurship’ has created a buzz among the dental doctors in the state. Dental Entrepreneur’s mission is to highlight, connect, and maximize the careers and the business of people serving the dental profession. Dental entrepreneurs share stories that inspire creativity, drive, and contribution.

Considering the importance and relevance of dental entrepreneurship, Swasthya Sambad had an exclusive conversation with one of the most successful dental entrepreneurs in Odisha Dr. Sunil Kar, Founder, 3S Dental Clinic, Bhubaneswar. This is what Dr. Kar had to say:

“Everybody must be in doubt that what dental entrepreneurship is because dentistry is something different than a business. But right now, even if you are a newly pass out graduate or postgraduate, we all know that there is a lack of job for all our dentists.

Dental entrepreneurship deals with digital marketing and brand building. You can have your own setup and you can give employment to others and you can be your own boss. For that you need certain basic machines, tools and equipment.

Even if you have a small chair, you don’t have to have a big set up for that. Entrepreneurship always starts from a small level. We can grow it into a bigger size if we market or if we realize the entrepreneurship protocols properly. For example, your logo, very simple thing. If you have an appealing logo which is marketed everywhere, you market your logo in your clinic, and you have a separate color for it everywhere. The same color, pattern and design should be followed everywhere. That is known as a brand building, brand setup or brand value build up. If you build up your brand value, the people will understand or recognize your clinic with your brand value along with your name and your good work. This is known as dental entrepreneurship for the beginners.

So anybody who is starting up a new clinic, they have to follow these protocols very strictly. Because if you have multiple color clinic, your logo is different anywhere. You are separately giving a logo in a different area in a different way, your logo is different in somewhere you are giving a different logo. Your visiting card has a different logo. That is wrong. Everything should be uniform. Your staff uniform should be in the same color. You must be following the same professional protocols, everything that is known as brand buildup and you must have a trademark or copyright of it also.

And now the government of India is also helping us with the MSME program. So we can take advantage of that also. For that we need to have our taxes and system very smooth and proper. Then we can think of something else. Even if our clinic is running smoothly for five years, then we can grow it properly with a proper franchisee also we can give so we can grow to that level also after giving a franchisee, we can have our chain of clinics. This is if you are thinking at a higher level, even if you’re having a single chair, you can go into a franchise and multiple chains of clinics in future it is possible for everyone. You don’t have to get a job, you don’t have to have to search for a job, learn good work, always update yourself, be confident, start your own practice, give employment to others and you will be definitely successful, and you will be grow as a good doctor. And for being a good dentist, you need to be a good businessman also. And that is dental entrepreneurship.

So, dental entrepreneurship makes a doctor Aatma Nirbhar. I have almost ten to 15 staffs with me along with our technical, non technical and staffs. So I am very happy that I can give employment to others in overtime also. I have given my staff complete salary and it supported every one of them and every one of them is very happy and I’m satisfied with that also. So at the end of the day, I’m a satisfied dental practitioner and I feel that I can grow as entrepreneur.”

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