Determined to end termite of corruption: Modi

New Delhi, Aug 15

Saying corruption has become a part of the Indian system, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday that he was “determined to end the termite of corruption”.


India can be free of corruption but we “have to start from the top”, Modi said in his Independence Day speech from the Red Fort.

Battling corruption will “need lots of measures”, he said. “It can be done. I am talking from experience.”

He said there was no allegation of corruption against his government since he took office in May last year.

“I am determined to end the termite of corruption… Corruption had become part of the system. Contractors were running the nation. We have taken steps to correct the system,” the prime minister said.

“I want to tell the people that the country can become free of corruption. It has to start from the top. Corruption is eating up our country like termites.

“If you want to get rid of termites, you have to inject medicine.”

The prime minister also said that coal block auction had been undertaken by the government to fetch the national exchequer Rs.3 lakh crore.

“Some people are worried about the tough law on black money,” he said. “It has ensured that nobody dares to take black money out of the country.” (IANS)

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