DGCA identifies lapses within Air India internal safety audit procedure

New Delhi: An examination squad consisting of two members from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has identified deficiencies within Air India’s internal safety audit procedures, triggering an official regulatory inquiry.

When inquired about the specifics, a high-ranking official from the aviation regulatory body stated that due to the ongoing investigation, they were unable to disclose the particulars.

A DGCA senior representative said: “The observations made by the monitoring team have brought forth a range of grave concerns. These matters are presently undergoing further scrutiny.”

According to the evaluation report submitted to the DGCA, Air India was obligated to carry out routine safety spot checks spanning various operational areas, encompassing cabin surveillance, cargo handling, ramp operations, and load management.

However, during a random assessment of 13 safety checkpoints, the team unearthed falsified records for all 13 occurrences.

Air India is yet to respond to the development


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