DJ Azex Death: Relationship with 3 girls, WhatsApp group for expose and more

Bhubaneswar: More shocking developments are coming to fore in DJ Azex alias Akshay Kumar Maharana death case as the matter is becoming murkier day by day.

As per sources, the deceased was in relationship with three girls while the trio had formed a WhatsApp group to expose him. The incident came to light during probe by cyber experts.

The three used the WhatsApp group to discuss as to how he had trapped them. While the statement of his girlfriend Jigyansa has been recorded by police, two other girls will be questioned by the cops soon, sources added.

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On the other hand, his mother Laxmipriya Moharana warned of immolating herself in front of police station if she doesn’t get justice. “I have lost my 28-year-old son. I know the pain. My son shouldn’t be defamed after death,” she said.

“The WhatsApp group creation matter is false. The truth behind the death of my son is yet to be revealed even after seven days of the incident. We have provided necessary evidence to the police regarding the person for which he died. Efforts are being made to suppress the case with misinformation,” she added.

DJ Azex was found hanging at his residence in Bhubaneswar on March 18 night. Holding Akshay’s girlfriend and her male friend accountable for abetting his suicide, his mother alleged that he was being subjected to torture and mental harassment by the duo.

As per the contents of the FIR, Akshay and his girlfriend, who is an MBBS student in a private college here, were in a relationship since a year. She was apparently exploiting him for money and was demanding a two-wheeler. WhatsApp chats revealed that Akshay had even transferred Rs 15,000 to her account through PhonePe. The girl however ditched him and got involved with another male friend who started threatening Akshay to leave her failing which he would leak an intimate video of them, the FIR read.

Akshay was known to be one of the most popular DJs in the country.

Post-mortem of the deceased has revealed that he died due to asphyxiation. The body also bore some ligature marks, the autopsy report said.

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