EC censures government over 1984 compensation

New Delhi, Nov 7 :

The Election Commission (EC) Friday censured the government for announcing a hike in compensation to families affected in the 1984 riots, saying it violated the model code of conduct.

eci logoIn a letter to the home ministry, the commission said the government’s response that no decision regarding the hike had been taken was not correct as the EC had not come across any denial of media reports.

“…the commission observed that the above news was widely published and disseminated. The commission has not come across any denial of the above news by the electronic media or anywhere else,” the letter said.

The commission concluded that it could not be denied that the news gave an unmistakable impression to the electorate that a decision to the above effect had in fact been taken by the government.

This had the likelihood of swaying voter mood when a model code of conduct was in force in Delhi in the context of three bye-elections which were later axed, the EC said.

“The commission would like to be assured that such instances do not recur in future,” the letter added.

The government announced it would pay more compensation to Sikhs killed in the riots in Delhi and elsewhere which followed the 1984 assassination of then prime minister Indira Gandhi.


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