Ecosavers create awareness on environment on Earth Day

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Apr 23:

On the occasion of World Earth Day, the Bhubaneswar, Balianta and Kendujhar units of ECOSAVERS, a non-government, not for profit voluntary organization in Odisha, observed the day with participation of more than 1000 youths, creating awareness among people.

bonding in land to check soil erosion

The members undertook plantation, bunding lands to check soil erosion, cleaning the village, removing garbage from streets, installation of dustbins, waste water management for promotion of kitchen garden etc. The members also persuaded others to peldge to help the earth and not pollute the environment.

Eco Savers youth network members spoke on the occasion and took an oath to initiate and put in practice ideas to protect the environment by planting more trees, reduce waste, use recycled products, go organic, conserve electricity, take part in waste cleaning from streets, parks and other public places, reuse of shopping bags and prevent pollution.

It may be noted that Earth Day is the celebrated on April 22 each year to demonstrate support for environmental protection and pass on a message that neglecting Mother Earth is leading to ozone layer depletion, green house effect, global warming and many such environmental disorders.

ECOSAVERS is an initiative of people’s Cultural Centre (PECUC), which is a non-government, not for profit voluntary organization in Odisha, working for the rights of the underprivileged, including promotion and protection of rights of the children, women, aged, indigenous community, rural and urban poor and other marginalized sections since 1990.

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