Energy dept talks tough, asks discoms to stop powercuts, improve voltage

Bhubaneswar, May 3:

On the firing line for low voltage and frequent interruption in power supply when the scorching summer is at its peak, the Energy department today asked all the four discoms to provide uninterrupted power to the consumers, while suggesting a slew of measures to avoid power-cuts.

PK Jena, Principal Secretary, Energy
PK Jena, Principal Secretary, Energy

“It is a matter of great regret and concern that inspite of several rounds of discussions and repeated instructions for uninterrupted supply of quality power with proper voltage to all consumers, a large number of complaints are being received from all corners of the state regarding frequent interruption and low voltage. It gives a bad name to the energy sector of the state,” the Energy secretary PK Jena told the the four discoms CESU, WESCO, SOUTHCO and NESCO in as many words today.

Jena told discoms that action must be taken to balance the load of the transformers and improve voltage at the consumers’ end. He also asked the power utilities to follow certain guidelines for supply of uninterrupted power with proper voltage to the consumers.

“Peak load of all out-going 11 KV feeders from the 33/ 11 KV Substations should be balanced in all the three phases and preferably restricted to 70-80 % of the feeder capacity. The 33 KV incoming feeders to the 33/11 KV Sub-stations from the Grid Sub- stations must be checked once in a month, for clearance of tree branches, insulators and jumpers,” read the Energy department’s guidelines.

The guideline also asked the discoms to check all 11KV feeders and LT lines for tree branch clearances and replaced damaged or defective insulators and  jumpers.

“All the LT lines from the distribution transformers must be three phase and spur/ tie lines could be three phases or two phases or single phase as the case may be. It must be seen that the loading on all thee phases is equal and current in the neutral phase is zero at the DTR end. Besides, all JEs must measure the voltage and current in all the distribution sub-station transformers during the peak load hour (6.30 PM to 10.30 PM), once in a week and record the data in a register,” the guideline said.

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