Expert team finds issues on air vent in Odisha’s Sri Mandir

Puri: Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)’s Technical Core Committee and officials of the Sri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) today conducted a joint inspection of the Garbha Gruha (sanctum sanctorum) of the 12th-century shrine Sri Jagannath Temple (Sri Mandir) in Odisha’s pilgrim town Puri.

The joint team also inspected the Jagamohan (The audience/prayer hall adjacent to sanctum sanctorum) and Nata Mandap (The dancing or entertainment hall) of the temple.

The joint team, however, detected problems in circulation of air inside the Garbha Gruha.

“In these seven days, the problem of air circulation will be studied by scientists who have come from Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research, Dhanbad. They will enlighten us on remedial measures,” informed A K Patel, Director ASI.

“The Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research has submitted its report. Its recommendations will be placed in the meeting and a decision will be taken,” said G C Mitra, Working President of the ASI’s Technical Core Committee.

Moreover, since the presiding deities of Sri Mandir are away on their nine-day sojourn to Gundicha temple, Justice B P Das Commission of Inquiry on Sri Mandir reforms is scheduled to inspect the condition of the Roshasala (kitchen) of the temple.

A five-member committee appointed by the Commission will apprise it about the condition of the chullahs inside the Roshasala and condition of its floor and Ganga-Jamuna well. The Committee will examine and find ways to evacuate smoke generated in the Roshasala during cooking of Mahaprasad.


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