Experts from IIT Madras to visit Srimandir soon. Here’s why

Puri: The experts from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras will visit Srimandir in Puri shortly for structural survey over reported tremor threat to the centuries-old Jagannath temple.

The experts’ team is scheduled to make an inspection of the Nata Mandap and recently repaired Jagamohan to see whether the movements under the Earth will damage the Srimandir in future.

According to reports, the temple is having a big threat from both natural and man-made tremors or vibration.

As the Earth’s plate under the Bay of Bengal is movable, it is constantly expanding and squeezing resulting in a change in the structure of the Jagannath temple, said International Geologist Prof Manmohan Mohanty.

The structural change resulted from the movement of the plate under the sea could not be seen, but it affects the entire structure of the temple. Besides, the earthquake also erupts in the sea frequently, he said.

The portion of the temple that we see currently on the surface, that much has been buried in the ground. Apart from the earthquake, the huge mansions, buildings around the shrine, the heart-trembling loud noise coming out of musical instruments in the area also put an impact on the structure of Srimandir, Prof Mohanty said referring to statements of conventional sculptors.

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