Odisha woman running fake ashram denied bail, lands in jail

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bolangir, June 4:

‘Brahmakumari’ Premlata Jena who was held on Tuesday for illegally running an ashram in the name of a widely respected spiritual order even after she was suspended in 2004 by its authorities in Gandhinagarpada area in the district headquarter town of Bolangir in Odisha landed in jail today after a local court denied bail to her.

Police have sealed the ashram premises, sources said.

Police had detained Premlata on Tuesday after Brahmakumari Usha, head of Bolangir branch of the organisation based at Laltickra here, complained to the police that Premalata has been running the ashram illegally.

Brahmakumari Usha submitted papers to the police showing Premlata was suspended from the religious body in 2004 due to her involvement in illegal activities.

Premlata was also under police scanner in the case pertaining to Bolangir girl Pratima Sahoo marrying a Pakistani national a few days back. Pratima was staying in the ashram run by Premlata before she landed up in Pakistan.
Sources said the investigators have also seized her passport and Pakistani visa in which there is a seal of permission for her to land in Pakistani city Layyah.

It may be recalled here that a fortnight ago, Pratima went to Layyah on a 90-day tourist visa, converted to Islam and got married to Muhammad Mansha, a Pakistani national in a local mosque

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  1. BKWSU Cult Watch says

    Brahma Kumaris are an ‘End of the World’ cult. For 70 years they have been splitting up families to exploit vulnerable members young or old for free labor, money and properties.

    Their god spirit has made numerous false predictions of the End of the World and each time it does, the cult becomes richer from money and properties it collects.

    They claim to do service of humanity but they spend all their money chasing VIPs.

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