Fatal love triangle leads to death, jail

Agra, March 20 :

A girl’s decision about who she liked the most in a love triangle resulted in the death of one, serious injuries to the other and jail for the third.

Farman and Anshu loved a girl living with her mother in Sushil Nagar in Agra, police said.

The duo decided late Wednesday evening to meet the girl to know her mind. The girl chose Anshu. This infuriated Farman who whipped out a knife and attacked Anshu after pulling the girl’s hair and beating her.

Anshu’s cousin Rahul who had accompanied him intervened to save him. Farman, however, did not listen and stabbed Rahul too.

Police arrived after neighbours raised an alarm and arrested Farman. The injured were taken to the hospital where doctors declared Rahul dead.

Superintendent of Police S. Pankaj said Farman had admitted to killing Rahul.


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