Five-year-old boy fatally shoots his brother in US

New York, Jan 21:

A five-year-old boy accidentally shot dead his nine-month-old baby brother in US’ Missouri after he found a gun lying around the bed, media reported Wednesday.

GUN BLOODA woman called the police to say her five-year-old son shot his baby brother with a paintball gun, CNN reported.

“But it wasn’t a paintball gun. It was a .22-caliber Magnum revolver,” said sheriff Darren White.

Authorities are trying to figure out what led to Monday’s shooting in Elmo.

“At this point foul play is not suspected, and it appears that the shooting was accidental,” the Nodaway County Sheriff’s Office said.

Authorities say the gun belongs to a relative, but not the mother. Police are investigating the gun’s ownership. IANS

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