Forget funds if you vote for Congress, BJD minister threatens voters

OST Bureau

Bargarh, November 20 :

Prasanna Acharya
Finance Minister Prasanna Acharya

“I am Odisha’s Finance minister. Funds are in my hands. If you vote for Congress I shall lock the funds. I have told people everywhere, if you vote for the ‘Hand’ symbol my treasury is locked for you”.

Shocking but true.

But this is what the state’s Finance minister Prasanna Acharya said at an election campaign meeting for ULB polls in Bargarh.

” A senior minister of the ruling party threatening voters in such a manner on record and in a public meeting is not only shocking but goes on to show how arrogant BJD  leaders have become,” a senior citizen in Bargarh said adding ” they think they are born to rule us for ever.”

The recorded version of the minister’s speech is in possession of OST.

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  1. vivek bikash satpathy says

    irresponsible statement from a minister of odisha government.

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