Four entrance doors of Sri Mandir in Odisha’s Puri to be constructed in 3 months

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Puri, Apr 16:

The construction work of the four entrance doors of the Sri Jagannath Temple in Puri town Of Odisha will be completed in three months time. The construction of the four doors is being done by taking details of the measurement from ancient texts.


According to sources, the sizes of all four wooded portals to the holy temple are varied.

The  Singhadwar is 18 feet long and its width is 10 feet while the thickness of its wooden panels is five inches, the Northern door is 14 feet in length and eight feet in width and four inches wide. Similarly, the Southern door is 17 feet long and 9.5 feet width and 4.5 inches.While, the Western entrance door is 15 feet tall and 9 feet wide with 4.5 inches thick.

Around 200 cubic feet (CFT) of Sal wood for construction of the new entrance doors have been donated by a devotee from Berhampur to the temple administration, according to reports.

The workers belong to the traditional carpenter caste from Amalang area in Delang block.  Around five carpenters are engaged in building the doors, their numbers will be increased to 10 in the future, said a carpenter.

After wood work the doors will be given a brass coating and the fittings will be in brass and instead of iron nails to prevent rusting stainless steel nails will be used.

“We have never done such a work, we are using our traditional knowledge and expertise and following ancient texts to construct the door. We expect to complete the work in three months time”, said a carpenter.

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