Garware launches GURUMAX product in Odisha

Odisha Sun Times Business Bureau
Bhubaneswar, June 21:

Garware Wall Ropes Ltd. (GWRL), a leading manufacturer of polymer cordages for the Indian and global markets, launched its leading product GURUMAX in Odisha today.

Well known for its fire retardant properties, the product has already gained prominence in markets of Maharashtra, Kolkata and Kerala.garware

GWRL is at the forefront of developing products for tent and pandal customers. The company’s new product has protection against fire, UV rays, dust, wind and water.

While fire retardant tents and pandals had been available for some time, the cost was exorbitant leading to very less usage of such products. However, with recent advancement in technology and R&D by companies, fire retardant products are available at reasonable prices.

Speaking on the occasion, Shujaul Rehman, chief operating officer (COO) of the company said, “GURUMAX is a product designed especially for the pandals and tents segment. It has been tested for prevention against fire, UV rays, dust, wind and water and has surpassed our expectations. More importantly, it lasts longer and thus economical for the customers over time. It is very important that people in India are made aware of our products that can act as a precautionary measure for averting any fire related disaster.”

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