German nurse admits killing 30 terminally-ill patients !

Berlin, Jan 8:

A German nurse charged with the murder of three patients and the attempted murder of two others has admitted to killing 30 terminally-ill patients, according to the psychiatric report presented in court Thursday.

german nurseThe report was ordered by the district court in the northern German city of Oldenburg and said the suspect, identified as Neil H., 38, confessed after being subjected to a psychiatric examination.

The alleged homicides took place at the Delmenhorst Clinic near Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, between 2003 and 2005.

The nurse allegedly injected high doses of heart medication to terminal patients, causing their deaths.

According to the specialist who presented the report, the defendant also confessed that 60 other patients survived his injections.

The nurse will be tried for only five cases, in which the prosecution accused him of killing three patients and attempting to murder two others.

The Oldenburg District Court sentenced the nurse in 2008 to seven-and-a-half years in prison for the attempted murder of a patient at the Delmenhorst Clinic’s intensive care unit, where he was surprised by a colleague in the summer of 2005 trying to inject the patient with a lethal dose of his preferred drug, Gilurytmal.

The police, according to local press reports, are investigating a total of 170 suspected cases of murder or attempted murder at the clinic where the defendant worked.


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